Danielle Turner

Video Producer, Film Editor + Sound Artist

A Testament to Excellence

Danielle has a reputation for being a visual storyteller. She is an award-winning videographer who has always believed that a successful corporate video includes an interesting story and a great rhythm. This is a medium Danielle has been involved with all her adult life; first as an actress and then as a video producer and editor. 

With an ability to innovate, Danielle is a proven leader in this industry; from her creative visions to taking those visions to completion, while all along, aligning with her clients’ brand promises.

Danielle loves what she does and it shows in her work!


The Genesis of Velvet Pumpkin Productions

Danielle reminisces, “One of the biggest curiosities my clients have is how I came up with the name for my video production business. It started with a quote from my favourite philosopher.”

I would rather sit on a pumpkin and have it all to myself than be crowded on a velvet cushion.

~ Henry David Thoreau


Velvet Pumpkin Productions specializes in video productions and audio productions for all your business needs: From a small 1 minute pitch to a series of HR training videos to a full feature film. Danielle and Velvet Pumpkin Productions do it all.

Danielle understands that, with video and film production, every second counts. As she works hard through your project, she makes sure your investment is well managed.  She communicates to you often about the progress of your production and provides an easy-to-use online system for those times you need to review her rough cuts. You can rest assured you will receive excellent value along with a phenomenal end result.

Danielle’s battle tested techniques means she will produce your videos
with the power to meet your objectives!


A Creative Mind Working With Creative Minds


Danielle connects powerful ideas with powerful people resulting in some wickedly amazing conversations and long lasting relationships. And she does all that while wearing the hat of a videographer. Each corporate video is carefully crafted to fit the unique brand contained within each of her extraordinary clients.


Danielle promises you clarity, increased credibility and exposure, with each and every corporate video she produces for you. She also promises that working with her will be easy, easy, easy – whether you are in front of her camera or not. I mean really EASY!


Danielle is all about keeping it real, on set, off set, all the time. She believes that success and happiness are a choice – and are her contant pursuites. She is curious, humble, does more with less in her work - and has a heart for all living things.

That was all about Danielle. Now let’s talk about YOU and your video & audio needs!