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3 Video Marketing Campaigns You Will Actually Enjoy Watching

Let’s have a little fun and get inspired by some video marketing campaigns already out there and working well. Hopefully, these videos can inspire you to do something just as fun for your viewers to want to watch and share.

Nike – Better For It:

This is a great video that gets into the minds of Nike’s female customers. Take a look at it and imagine producing a similar video for your business with your own clients/customers minds in mind. What are in the thoughts of your clients when you first connect with them? How do they feel after you have gone the full journey with them, whatever that journey may be?

Canadian Tire – Wheels:

Here is another inspiring video marketing campaign that focuses, this time, on one unique customer need. The advantage to this approach is that it shows the human/humane side of Canadian Tire. It shows Canadian Tire wanting to change lives for the better… through their products, of course. How would your business’s video look if you told the story of one specific and unique client’s need and how you provided the solution… and how it affected that client (don’t forget that part)?

Always – Like a Girl:

This video does not focus on the product, service or client at all. It focuses on a social matter that this corporation is concerned about. Creating a video like this for your business really shows that your brand is an active part of community – not just a business selling stuff. It builds strong loyalty, when done right. What is it that matters to you and to your business within your community or the world as a whole? If you let your voice speak out, what would it say?


My closing thoughts on successful video marketing campaigns:

The days of simple talking head videos are behind us. The internet has been so inundated with them. It’s hard to get viewership of that style of video anymore. Even small businesses now need to find alternative content for their video communication – and video communication is more vital now than ever before. The internet is mostly video. Because that is what people, including you, want. Surveys have found that people want to watch more online videos even from businesses.
What seems to be working for today’s audience is a more compassionate story, an uplifting story. They want to see stories from you like the three I included in this article. And if you don’t know where to begin with this new change in video communication, you know how to find me. I’m on the edge of my seat waiting to keep you ahead of the crowd of your competitors and to keep your phone wringing with new prospects.
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