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Velvet Pumpkin Productions


Yeah, we make videos. But it's not about video. It's about getting you out of the crowd of common messages. It's about getting you attention. Lots of attention. We just happen to do that with videos. Very cool videos.

I’m Danielle Turner and my company is Velvet Pumpkin Productions and my sole business is to get you noticed; to get your audience engaged enough to take action.

There is a lot of competition out there; others in the same business as you who are doing exactly what you do, and… doing it well. So, how do you stand out? How do you convince a prospect to hire you over any other competent business in the same trade?
I’ve often heard that people don’t buy “what” they buy “who”. In other words, people do business with who they believe are authentic, who they can trust, even who they personally relate to.
I bring out that authentic story about you and your uniqueness in your line of work. I take that story and turn it into an engaging video or series of photos; whether the story is for marketing or training. I help you stand out of that crowd.

Video Production

Corporate videos from start to finish for marketing, training, testimonials, company culture, demonstrations, and much more.

Interactive Video

Producing custom, clever online interactive videos with Super Powers that engage, entice and delight your online viewer.

Audio & Voice Over

Audio recording and production for Podcasts. Voice over for videos, telephones and more. Editing clients’ audio products and audio books.


Corporate and product photos that tell your brand's story - working, creating and interacting. Perfect for social media marketing.

Meet Your Video Producer & Photographer

Danielle Turner


Danielle’s extensive experience with the camera, gives her a unique ability to help you feel truly comfortable in front of her camera.

Ever Curious

Danielle is always current with the latest trends for video and audio in online marketing; keeping her clients ahead of their competition.

She’s NO Prima Donna

While decorated with many awards, Danielle doesn’t let it go to her head and is proud that her clients rave about how easy she is to work with.

Passionate & Fun

Danielle loves it when she is working her magic with video and audio, and it shows in the way she works; with drive, passion and humour.

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Danielle Turner creates amazing testimonial videos for us without me lifting a finger past introductions. It was a seamless experience and the results were outstanding. Afterwards Danielle worked with us to create an about us video that shares why we leave clients as raving fans!

Tanja Powell, She-E-O
Powell Painting

Danielle is a natural storyteller and (as a film editor) she intuitively knows how to cobble together different bits to make an amazing film. So thrilled to use Velvet Pumpkin for our post-production!

Cory Bretz, Director
Heirloom Films

“Damn Lady! You’re Amazing!!!”

Adrienne White, Speaker

The entire production shoot came together seamlessly and within the time projected in her proposal.

Barbara Arseneault, Marketing Manager
Legacy Senior Living

Danielle helped me craft and produce LeapTV which has become the #1 branding online TV show in Canada.

Isabelle Mercier, Brand Strategist & Co-owner
LeapZone Strategies

…most importantly, (Danielle) rocked at understanding and capturing what I need to get across to my clients in keeping with our brand.

John Waldo, Co-owner
Spice Management Group

She did an excellent EXCELLENT job and I’m forever grateful. I get compliments frequently about her excellent work.

Doug White, Owner
Direct Marketing

Danielle has so much experience and is willing to share it with you with a pinch of humor.

Kaayla Vedder, Author & Owner
Kripa Quantum Healing

Danielle’s enthusiasm is infectious… and she’s a real pro.

Neil Hamilton, Realtor
Macdonald Realty

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